Why Join Teamsters Edmonton

A labor union is an organization which primarily aims to protect the best interests of its members. Being in a unionized environment definitely has its advantages. After all, salary alone cannot make a workplace favorable, employees should also feel secure and happy. This is a labor union that never quits or gives up the fight because no matter how tough the odds are and how long it takes, Teamsters 362 always sticks with its members! One of the best Canadian unions to join would be Teamsters Edmonton.

great union

‘Together Strong’ — Teamsters Edmonton truly believes in the phrase that there is strength in unity. The union helps in organizing workplaces to mitigate the ill effects of favoritism, boost job security of employees and build collective agreements which are to be followed by the management. Also, the union is in charge of coming up with secure and favorable ways of settling grievances of the employees. As a result the individuals can have a more stable working environment, which in turn would help them in building brighter careers for themselves! As a member of Teamsters 362 one would be able to enjoy good wages, fair pension plans and healthcare benefits. Thus, not only can one have peace of mind when joining this local union but also be able to provide one’s family members with the same!

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