Filing For Divorce In Ontario, Canada

Divorce is never an easy topic. Even if it is a mutual decision between husband and wife, you still go through all the motions that any other couple goes through, when getting divorced. There are various steps that a married couple should take before making that final decision, to try and salvage what they can. Marriage counselling is always an option and should be considered even if there is a only a tiny bit of hope left that the marriage can be saved. However, if you have attempted to work through your issues with no success, you should understand the laws surrounding getting a divorce to make the process swift for all involved.

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The Divorce Act in Ontario

In order to end your marriage legally, you must a file an application in a superior court of justice. In Ontario, you need to be separated from your spouse for at least one year for the divorce to be granted, unless you can prove that your spouse has caused irrevocable damage to the marriage, such as committing adultery or physically abusing you. When filing for divorce in Ontario it will cost you a total of $447 in court fees. Your divorce should be finalized in 4 to 6 months unless, there are other issues that still need to be sorted out between both parties such as custody, property etc. Click here for more information on the divorce act.

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